4 Cosmetic Issues Solved By Laser Treatment

When it comes to rectifying perceived issues with your body, whether they may be due to age, scarring or natural blemishes, laser treatment can do wonders for you. Laser treatment is an incredibly safe and relatively inexpensive way to go about receiving a cosmetic surgery. As opposed to invasive forms of surgery like plastic surgery, laser treatments only affect the epidermal layer of your skin, ensuring maximum safety, and you won’t have to worry about a physician messing around with the internal bits of your body. Included throughout the course of this brief article are 4 cosmetic issues that are easily resolved by way of laser treatment.

Spider Veins

Laser treatment is especially good for varicose veins, typically referred to as “spider veins”. These are veins that are present just under the surface of the skin. A laser treatment is usually more than one session long, with each separate session usually scheduled 6 to 12 weeks apart. A highly concentrated blast of laser energy hits the areas of the skin effected by varicose veins, effectively pushing them further under the epidermal layer of the skin. Laser treatment doesn’t rid of you of said veins but rather makes the veins invisible to the naked eye. If the veins are present due to poor circulation, a larger “feeder” vein must receive the laser treatment as well.

Age Spots

Age spots can crop up on your visage for a number of reasons. As you grow older, the blood that travels just under your skin becomes more malleable and flows from one area to another with greater ease; in essence, as people grow older, their blood becomes “thinner”. Blood can get trapped just underneath the epidermal layer of the skin, creating the appearance of these “age spots” or “liver spots”. Age spots can easily be removed with the help of laser treatment. Since these pockets of blood exist underneath the epidermal layer, a highly concentrated laser can easily remove their presence.

Acne Scars

Acne scars are among the most common type of cosmetic laser treatments that people receive. Again, acne scars are a relatively easy phenomenon to remove due to their presence completely on the epidermal layer of the skin. A very highly concentrated laser is used on acne scars, which can cause the skin to become very sensitive and painful to touch for a few weeks. Acne scar removal is fairly complex as far as laser treatments go, as they do require several return visits over the course of a few weeks to completely remove the visual element of the acne scars and then additional healing time for the laser burns to heal.


Another extremely common blemish, wrinkles can also be easily removed by the touch of a laser. Laser treatments for wrinkles work a bit differently than they do for acne scars as they do not burn the skin, nor do they merely push the phenomenon away like laser treatments do for age spots or spider veins. Rather, a laser treatment for wrinkles is a bit more complex. Such treatments seek to “smooth” the skin out. In other words, the laser pushes one area of the skin down and outward, effectively tightening up the skin and removing the appearance of wrinkles.

Laser treatment, especially for cosmetic concerns, is becoming increasingly common in this day and age. As an alternative to intrusive forms of surgery, laser surgery is quite good and, in addition doesn’t lighten the load of your pocket book in quite the way that intrusive surgery does. It is best to consult a physician, however, before receiving any sort of laser treatment and discuss any complications that may arise due to the nature of laser treatments. To learn more, check out a clinic like Premier Surgical Associates.

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