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Told Your Child Is Addicted To Kratom? What This Is And Treatment Options Available

There are many drugs on the street that kids can get their hands on. Once they start the drug, they can easily become addicted. Once this happens, most kids need treatment to help them get off their drug of choice. One of these drugs is known as kratom. You may not have heard of this type. If so, below is information about what this is, the symptoms your child will, and the treatment options available to help.


Kratom comes from a tree that is in Asia. The drug is taken from the leaves of the tree. This drug contains an opioid that is psychoactive. This drug can be used to treat pain as well as to boost mood. Using kratom can be very dangerous and highly addictive.

This drug is available on the street and if your child knows someone that deals drugs, the drug dealer can likely get them all the kratom they want.

If your child is using kratom, there are many signs you can watch out for. This will help you get them the treatment that they need.

Signs of Kratom Abuse

There are many chemicals found in kratom that activates neurotransmitters in different areas of the brain. Some of the chemicals include serotonin, acetylcholine, and opiate. Because kratom affects several areas of the brain, you will notice several effects of taking this drug. This does depend on how much of the drug your child ingests.

If your child has a low dose of kratom, you will notice that they are either easily fatigued or have high energy. Their appetite will decrease, they will become more sociable, and they may feel agitated. You may notice their coordination is impaired, they have high anxiety and they may even have tremors.

If your child takes a higher dose of kratom, they may exhibit the signs above, along with signs of euphoria, nausea, dysphoria, sedation, itching, and more.

Treatment Options

You should take your child to a drug treatment program to help them. This treatment center will go over the different treatment options with you. First, they will decide if your child should stay in the center 24/7 or if they can come a few times a week for treatment. This will depend on how bad your child is addicted to kratom.

The treatment program will first do a drug test to see how much kratom is in your child's system. The treatment center may require a medical checkup to ensure your child has no severe medical conditions that would affect treatment, such as a heart condition that you are not aware of.

Once it is determined how addicted your child is to the drug, the treatment program can develop the best program to get your child drug free. This generally involves therapy, which may be group or individual therapy. Behavioral therapy is often used and done by a professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Your child may be giving medication in the beginning to help them with their withdrawal symptoms, if needed.

Talk with the drug treatment center such as Bridgeway Recovery Services Inc to learn more about this drug and available substance abuse treatment options.