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Having Difficulty Getting Out Of Your Chair? Consider Getting A Lift Chair. It Looks Like A Recliner, But It Moves

As people age it sometimes becomes more difficult to get in our out of a typical recliner.  It's the same story for those who are physically challenged. A lift chair makes this task so much easier. Available in several styles and degrees of lift, these handy devices are cleverly disguised as your average recliner. The only way you can tell the difference is when someone pushes the button and that "recliner" starts to tilt.  

How Lift Chairs Work

Lift chairs use either one or two motors to operate, depending on the style. The chair is mounted on a separate base, which allows it to move. When the user is ready to get up, a button is pushed and the entire chair tilts forward. Push another button and the chair folds back down and resumes its recliner disguise.

Types of Lift Chairs

There are four basic types of lift chairs currently on the market

Two Position Chairs

Two position chairs lift but they also slightly recline. This chair is meant for sitting only since it doesn't recline far enough for comfortable sleeping.

Three Position Chairs

These chairs lift and have two reclining positions. One is the seated position described above, the other is a flatter position that most people find comfortable for sleeping.

Infinite Position Chairs

This chair is like those ultra-modern seats found in some airlines' first class cabins. Like these "sleeper" airline seats, these fully recline. Usually the back and the foot support move independently to assure maximum comfort. Some models also allow tilting in the Trendelenburg position, sometimes recommended for people with low blood pressure. This puts your feet higher than your heart, allowing easier blood flow to the brain.

Zero Gravity Chairs

These are similar to the infinite position chairs, but they use two motors to move the chair into a reclining position. The seat box moves independently of the back, much like an adjustable car seat. Many models that allow the Trendelenburg position are also zero gravity chairs.

Benefits of Lift Chairs

  • Chairs come in several sizes to fit your body type. If you have an existing recliner that is comfortable, the best way to get a good fit is to measure the height of the chair back, the height the seat is from the floor and the width and length of the seat. Then a professional can use those dimensions to find your perfect chair.
  • All lift chair models are ergonomically designed. Your chair can also be customized to provide extra support just where you need it, such as for people with back, neck or knee issues.
  • Lift chairs can fit into almost any living space. Some models "hug the wall" so you only need a few inches of space for them to work. This is usually limited to the one and two position chairs.
  • Lift chairs are also available with massage and heat, a real benefit for those suffering from arthritis. These two features can also help you relax.
  • Because they look just like recliners, lift chairs fit right in with your home décor. They can be ordered in a number of fabrics and styles. While the primary consideration is how the chair helps with your mobility issues, having a piece of equipment that blends in with the furniture is psychologically uplifting.
  • Lift chairs also come with warranties, and most firms provide 24-hour emergency service. If need be they can send a technician to your home.

Trading in your favorite recliner for a lift chair doesn't have to be a traumatic experience. Think about it. You'll have a brand new chair that's just as comfortable and that is truly yours. If anyone else decides to take a seat, you should feel perfectly justified in booting them out.

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