Proactive Tips For Talking To Your Parent About Moving To An Assisted Living Facility

If you have been thinking about talking to your parent about their need to move to an assisted living facility, here are some tips to make that process go smoothly:

Tip: Know the Signs that Your Parent is a Good Candidate for Assisted Living

Before you broach the topic of moving into an assisted living facility with your parent, first you must be sure it is the most appropriate option. Your parent is in need of assisted living if they have any of the following life challenges:

  • frequent falls
  • a decline in overall health
  • a decline in mental capacity
  • the inability to maintain their home
  • the inability to prepare food daily
  • a need for dressing and grooming assistance

Also, if your parent does not have any family who live near them that can help out on a regular basis, then this is also a reason assisted living makes sense.

Tip: Acknowledge the Feelings that Talking about Assisted Living Bring to the Surface

Before you can talk to your parent about moving into an assisted living facility, you need to acknowledge that talking about this type of move generally brings up some negative feelings. For example, your parent will likely be reminded of their mortality and may be angry about their perceived loss of independence. Don’t ignore these issues and be prepared to have an honest conversation about them with your parent.

Tip: Enlist the Help of Your Siblings and Your Parent’s Doctor

Sit down with your siblings before you ever broach the topic of assisted living with your parent. Make sure that everyone is on the same page and will be supportive of this necessary move. In addition, if you have the ability to speak with your parent’s doctor, then you should enlist their support as well. Sometimes it happens that a parent doesn’t want to listen to their children, but they will listen to a trusted doctor who suggests it is best for their future health if they move into an assisted living apartment.

Tip: Always Remember that Your Parent is an Adult and the Decision to Move is Largely Theirs to Make

Finally, it is important to acknowledge that your parent is a grown adult and is largely responsible for making the decision about where they live. If you approach your parent from a place of caring and asking their opinion, then you will likely be more successful. For more information, visit