Back Pain Affecting How You Sleep? Here Are Some Things To Try

One of the most troubling issues about back pain is that it can bother you when you’re trying to sleep. A string of sleepless nights that result from back pain can leave you not only tired, but also grumpy and in even more pain than usual, given that your body hasn’t had a chance to heal during deep sleep. You’ll want to consult a back care professional who can determine why your back is sore, treat the discomfort in any number of ways, and give you exercises that you can do to manage your pain. In the meantime, here are some strategies that can help you get better sleep.

Don’t Exercise Too Late

Exercise can be an ally when it comes to sleeping. When you’re active during the day, you may feel more tired — and this can be enough to let you fall asleep, even if your back is a little sore. You need to be careful about when you exercise, though. Some people find that exercising too late can make sleep a challenge. While exercise may make your sore back feel better, a workout before bedtime can awaken your body and give you trouble with dozing off. You’re better off keeping your workout to anytime before dinner, if possible.

Avoid Late Use Of Electronics

Whether you watch TV for an hour before bed or get into bed and go through some emails and apps on your smartphone, it’s easy to rely on electronics during the evening. This usage, however, may prove to be detrimental to your sleep. Using electronics in the evening can stimulate your brain, making you feel less tired than you might otherwise. This means that once you turn off the light and lie down, you may feel somewhat awake, and thus more aware of your back pain. When possible, try to avoid using electronic devices soon before bed.

Try Some Stretching

While vigorous exercise before bed can rev up your body, the same isn’t true about light stretching. Whether you’re into yoga or you just want to try some gentle stretches like you might do before or after a workout, try these before bed. Keep the bedroom lights low and consider playing some relaxing songs on your MP3 player. Stretching your back and other major muscles throughout your body can make them feel better, which can help you feel more relaxed once you climb into bed and, ideally, allow you to fall asleep easily.