Take These Steps Before You Visit A Walk-In Clinic For Constipation

If you’ve gone several days without moving your bowels and are feeling sick, you might wish to visit a local walk-in clinic like the one at Milford Hospital. There, you can receive anti-constipation medication or even have an enema. Before you visit the center, however, there are a few last-minute things that you can try. In many cases, the following steps will allow you to successfully move your bowels and get rid of the bloating and discomfort that may be bothering you. Here are some things to try.

Go For A Walk

Exercise is a valuable ally when you’re constipated. When you move, you can help your sluggish digestive system move food along. There are no set rules about what type of exercise you should try, but a simple walk can be effective and comfortable if you’re already feeling bloated and sore. Walk at a pace that is suitable to you, and then return home to rest. In many cases, you’ll soon be able to feel things percolating a little, which may mean that you’ll soon be able to move your bowels.

Drink More Water

People who are dehydrated will often suffer from constipation. If you don’t drink water regularly, you may find that simply starting to drink more will awaken your sluggish digestive system. Drink several glasses of water and see how you feel. If you aren’t fond of drinking water on its own, add a few squeezes of lemon juice. Stay away from other beverages, however, and focus on water. Some people find that drinking hot water can also be valuable for creating the need to move their bowels.

Rub Your Abdomen

In many cases, you can rub your own abdomen to encourage your digestive system to move your food along. In fact, many massage therapists will offer abdominal massage as a way to help their clients who are suffering from constipation. The key is to rub your abdomen in the right direction — moving your fingertips along in a clockwise manner (for someone looking at you) is integral, as this is the path that your large intestine takes. Sit upright and, with your right hand, press your fingers, into your lower abdomen just to the right of your navel. Then, move the fingers up to the bottom of your ribs, across to the left side of your abdomen, and down. Repeat this pattern, using some oil to aid in the movement. If you aren’t able to fix your constipation, seek medical care at a walk-in clinic.