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Resurface Your Facial Skin With Microneedling For A Fresh Young Glow

If you're looking for a way to get rid of wrinkles and acne scars and rejuvenate the look of your skin, then skin resurfacing might be the answer. Skin resurfacing includes procedures such as laser treatments and peels. Microneedling is another option. It is given by a dermatologist and it stimulates the growth of new collagen in your skin. It has long been used to treat facial scars and now it is gaining popularity as a beauty treatment. Here is some information you might find useful.

DIY Microneedling

You can buy a roller from a beauty supply store and give yourself treatments at home, but you should know these are not true microneedling treatments. The needles are small, so the treatment is more of a dermabrasion session instead. You may get good results, but imagine the even better results you'd get from a professional treatment. Plus, when you prick your skin with needles, there is always a risk of scar development or infection, so you may want to think twice before using one of these needle rollers without the direction of a dermatologist.

Why Microneedling Works

Microneedling is the procedure of poking your skin with multiple tiny needles. A device or roller that's covered with needle spikes is moved over your skin so you receive the needle pricks all over your face. The depth of the pricks can be adjusted depending on how deep the scar or wrinkle is. When your skin is injured in this way, it immediately senses it and begins repairing the damage by producing more collagen. The increased collagen and skin repair that results is what improves the appearance of your skin by reducing scars, minimizing wrinkles, and improving discoloration. The result is skin that looks rejuvenated and glowing.

How A Treatment Is Given

You receive this skin resurfacing treatment in your dermatologist's office. Your skin is numbed first with anesthetic cream, but you will be awake for the procedure. You may feel a slight sensation as the needles are rolled across your skin but you shouldn't feel discomfort. The needle roller will be rolled across your face in different directions and focused on problem areas to puncture your skin and stimulate skin repair. You probably won't see results right away though. You may notice an improvement in a few days after your skin has time to do some repair work, but to get the best results, you'll need multiple treatments that are spread out over several months.

Your skin may be red and tender after the treatment, but the side effects go away quickly. You'll be given serum to use along with the treatments. Microneedling can help with the absorption of serums and make them more effective, so be sure to use the ones recommended by your dermatologist and not something from home that might cause an unexpected rash.

After you've had a series of treatments, you should notice a difference in your facial skin. It should look brighter, younger, and refreshed. You may cringe at the idea of having needles rolled over your face, but when you see the final results, you'll probably think it was well worth it. For more information, contact a business such as Center For Plastic Surgery