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How Physical Therapy Can Help You with Pelvic Floor Prolapse

A lot of women begin experiencing problems with weakness in their pelvic floors as they age. A common symptom of this is constant pressure that makes you feel like you have to urinate all the time. Women with weak pelvic floors can also feel like their insides are dropping, and this too creates pressure. If you are diagnosed with pelvic floor prolapse, it simply means that your muscles in this area are weak, and you might be able to find relief from the symptoms by going to physical therapy.

The purpose of physical therapy

Physical therapy is a natural form of healthcare in a sense, as it is designed to help people overcome certain types of mobility issues or healthcare issues without the use of medication. One purpose of physical therapy is to strengthen muscles to help a person become more mobile. Another purpose is to help people regain movement of a certain body part.

When physical therapy is used for pelvic floor prolapse, its main purpose is to help a person strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor region so the muscles can complete the job they are there for.

Types of exercises used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

When you attend physical therapy, the therapist will know exactly what types of exercises you need to do to achieve the goals you have. One of the most common ones is called Kegel exercises, which you are probably familiar with. Kegels are often recommended after childbirth, simply because these exercises target the muscles in this area the best.

These are not the only exercises that can help, though. A physical therapist is also likely to teach you exercises that target the muscles in your abdomen. Once you learn these exercises, your therapist may ask you to repeat them at home several times a day.

The results of physical therapy

If you work hard through the activities and exercises you learn in physical therapy, you may begin to experience fewer symptoms relating to your pelvic floor prolapse. If you do not see any progress through physical therapy, you should talk to your doctor about it. Physical therapy tends to work best for cases that are minor.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of this disorder or have already been diagnosed, you may want to consider starting physical therapy to help you strengthen these important muscles. To learn more, contact a pelvic floor physical therapy clinic.