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MRI Myths And Misinformation That Can Mislead Patients

In order for patients to receive the highest quality of care possible, it may be necessary for them to undergo a series of medical diagnostics. These tests are designed to provide the physician treating the patient with the most detailed information possible. In particular, many patients will need to undergo an MRI scan, but there are myths about this diagnostic procedure that can be highly misleading to patients.

Myth: An MRI Is A Dangerous Type Of Scan To Receive

Due to the radiation and magnetic fields involved, there are some patients that assume an MRI scan is always a dangerous procedure to undergo. However, the exposure to these fields will be minimal enough that most individuals will be able to safely undergo this scan. Once this scan has been completed, patients will be free to leave, and they should suffer no ill consequences or lingering effects from this scan. As a result, they will be able to resume their normal activities fairly quickly.

Myth: There Are No Alternatives For Patients Suffering From Claustrophobia Or Aversions To Loud Sounds

The design of a traditional MRI machine can be intimidating to individuals that suffer from claustrophobia or other issues that make confined spaces difficult. Luckily, open MRI scans are often a viable alternative, and this can allow the patient to avoid the feeling of being trapped in a confined space. Unfortunately, patients may not always be able to utilize this option due to these scans providing less clear images and information. Discussing your aversions to confined spaces with your doctor can allow them to determine whether an open MRI will be a suitable option for your scan.

Myth: Anyone Is A Suitable Candidate For An MRI Scan

Prior to undergoing an MRI, patients may need to be fully evaluated. There are some conditions that may make exposure to these powerful magnetic fields unsafe or render the MRI scan unusable. One example of this can be pacemakers or other medical implants that are highly sensitive to magnetic fields. During your pre-scan evaluation, you will need to be completely honest about your medical history so that you can be cleared to undergo this particular type of scan.

Myth: It Will Always Take Many Days For The MRI Scan Results To Be Ready

Many medical tests will take many days to weeks in order for the results to be ready. However, MRI scans can provide results fairly quickly in most cases. Depending on the facility that performed the scan, it may be possible for a technician to review the results and prepare the final report within hours of the scan being completed.

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