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Allergy Care Services: Eating When You Have an Identified Nut Allergy

If you have a reaction to eating nuts, you may have developed a nut allergy. When you aren't sure what type of nut you actually ate, allergy care services will do testing to identify the nut in question. It may be possible that you are only allergic to peanuts, or you could be allergic to an entire family of nuts.

When you experience signs of anaphylaxis because of a nut allergy, it is vital to your health and safety to learn what foods are safe for you to eat. Once your allergist uncovers what nut you are allergic to, it becomes easier to avoid the substance in the future.

Know Which Foods May Contain Nuts

Once you realize that you are allergic to nuts, there are specific substances that you want to watch out for. If the food is not specifically labeled nut free, you can't be sure that there is not some type of nut product in the food you are eating. Processed foods often contain nuts or oils made from nuts, so it's safer to avoid processed foods without a label that identifies the food as allergen safe. Candy, bread, gluten-free foods with lupin in it, and many other types of food can contain nuts that you accidentally consume.

Keep It Simple at First

If you have a nut allergy, start by keeping your diet basic. Fruits and vegetables don't contain nuts, although you have to be mindful about how you prepare your foods. Meat is safe, as well as grains such as oatmeal and barley. With so many people today struggling with allergies to nuts, you should be able to find a selection of food items you can eat by looking carefully in your grocery store. Food labeling for allergies requires companies to state if a "nut free" product was made using equipment that also makes food that contains nuts. Start slow in your journey, and try not to get overwhelmed.

Meet with Your Allergy Specialist

Over time, you may have less of a reaction to nuts. You will want to talk to your allergist about precautionary measures and keep track of any reactions you have had after eating a certain food. Your allergist may want to test you again to see if your allergy has lessened, or if you are allergic to other substances as well.

Living with a nut allergy is possible. Contact local allergy services to learn more.