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Do you desperately desire to improve your health? Perhaps, you suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, or hypothyroidism. Or, you might simply wish to lose weight in order to gain some much needed energy. Regardless of your particular situation, make visiting your primary care physician at least once each year a priority. During a physical exam, your doctor will check important, vital signs such as your pulse, temperature, and blood pressure levels. This medical professional might also conduct blood tests at this time. On this blog, I hope you will discover easy, effective ways to improve your health. Enjoy!

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DHEA Cream: Why You Might Want To Use It

As you age, your body's production of things like dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone can diminish. With the reduced production of these things, many unpleasant side effects can occur. In recent years, more people are turning to the use of DHEA creams to help combat these problems. Here are a few of the many reasons why you might want to consider investing in DHEA creams for your daily use.

Sexual Health

Along with the decline in these hormones, many people find that their sex drive is reduced, women's natural lubrication declines, and more. When you use a DHEA hormone cream, you can help promote your body's production of estrogen and testosterone, which can help combat the sexual struggles that come along with aging and reduced hormone production.

Menopausal Symptom Control

For many women, menopause is a period of struggle. The many symptoms that can occur with menopause can be disruptive and emotionally difficult. Because DHEA plays a vital role in your body's hormone production, including estrogen, you may find that using DHEA creams can help minimize your menopause symptoms. 

Since increased menopausal symptoms and low hormones have been attributed to things like increased risk of certain cancers, using DHEA creams may even help to protect your long-term health as you undergo menopause.

Weight Management

Deficiency in hormones such as testosterone and estrogen can lead to weight gain and weight management difficulties. When you use a DHEA cream, your body's hormone production is stimulated. The increased presence of testosterone or estrogen may help your body to break the weight-retention cycle so that you can lose weight and maintain a healthier body.

Mood Balancing

Testosterone and estrogen also play a role in your moods, which means that when your hormone levels are too low, you may struggle with depression and sadness. If you opt to use a DHEA cream a couple of times a day, you can improve your body's hormone levels and, in turn, improve your overall moods as well. 

Easy To Use

One of the best parts of using DHEA creams is that, with all of the benefits that you get, it's easy to use as well. You just take one or two pumps of the cream from the bottle and rub it anywhere that you don't have a lot of hair. Your doctor may advise that you do it once or twice a day. It really is that simple to get the benefits that your body may need as you age and find that your hormone production slows down.