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Popular Sports Physiotherapy Misconceptions You Shouldn't Believe

Whether you are a recreational athlete, experienced veteran, or an upcoming athlete, you will need sports physiotherapy at some point. This therapy promotes optimal care and recovery once you are injured. 

Unfortunately, many people don't know much about sports physio. This therapy has so much to offer other than helping with injury management. Learning how to separate the facts from the myths can help you make informed decisions. This post will clarify some top sports physio misconceptions.

Sports Physio Is Only Meant for Treating Injuries

Most physicians usually recommend sports physiotherapy when a person is injured. This doesn't mean that this kind of therapy is only ideal for people who want pain relief or would like to restore body function. Sports physio can boost recovery after an injury, but you don't necessarily have to stop after you're healed. 

Usually, an assessment is done to help the sports physio understand the body and identify risks. Then a treatment program is designed to correct the injury and ensure the issue doesn't recur. It's always advisable to continue with the therapy sessions to ensure you don't fall back into old habits or routines that can cause reinjury. Your therapy may reduce the frequency of the visits, but you'll still benefit from their help.

You'll Be Restricted From Doing the Things You Like

Many people are usually skeptical about seeing a sports physiotherapist because they know they will be prohibited from participating in the activities they like. However, therapists don't enjoy setting this limitation on their patients. Their objective is to ensure your injury improves as you do your favorite sports activity. 

If you are told to avoid a specific activity, an alternative will often be provided, and more short breaks are recommended. Therefore, do not worry about being stopped from participating in your favorite sports.

Sports Physio Is for High-Level Athletes

This is another myth people believe and has caused many to make misinformed decisions. Sports injuries normally occur at different levels of participation. So, whether you have just found your favorite sport and your body is adjusting to the pressure that's being put on the bones, joints, and muscles, or you are an expert, therapy can help. 

The only thing that will vary is the treatment plan and intensity of the workouts your therapist will assign to you. Usually, the treatment is customized to suit your requirements and may vary over time as you continue to recover. Just make sure you often communicate so your therapist can make the necessary adjustments. Contact a sports therapy service for more information.