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3 Reasons To Invest In Onsite Medical Support

Significant healthcare costs and loss of productivity are linked to workplace injuries. Finding ways to mitigate the negative effect a workplace injury can have on both employees and employers is important.

One possible solution is the addition of an onsite medical support department at your workplace.

Having access to onsite medical staff can provide you with a number of benefits that will help keep costs low and ensure productivity remains high in the future.

1. Reduce Healthcare Costs

Treating an injury can be costly. When you provide your employees with onsite medical care, you can effectively reduce spending.

Injured or sick employees will be able to get immediate assistance from an onsite medical center instead of waiting to make an appointment with a private healthcare provider. This immediate treatment can minimize the severity of the injury or illness and help an employee return to work faster.

Research shows that 64% of companies with onsite medical care reported significant cost savings after implementing this onsite medical care.

2. Maintain Productivity

Sick days have the potential to negatively impact your company's overall productivity. If an employee has to leave the workplace, travel to a clinic, and wait to be seen by a doctor, a good portion of their workday will be wasted.

Onsite medical support clinics give your employees the ability to quickly be treated by a healthcare professional. Employees will never have to leave work for a routine doctor's appointment when you make medical care available on-site.

By reducing the amount of time your employees spend away from the workplace, you can maintain your company's efficiency over time.

3. Improve Employee Satisfaction

The satisfaction of your employees can have a direct impact on your company's bottom line. Satisfied employees work harder and perform better than their dissatisfied counterparts. Introducing an onsite medical support center can be a great way to improve employee satisfaction.

Research supports this assumption. One survey reports an increase in employee satisfaction for 75% of companies that introduced an onsite medical support center.

95% of these companies reported that employees expressed greater satisfaction with the company as a whole after the implementation of an onsite medical support center.

These statistics suggest that boosting employee satisfaction is a goal that can be achieved by bringing onsite medical professionals into your workplace to serve the needs of your employees.

Start taking advantage of the benefits that come with an onsite medical support center.

For more information, contact a company like Chiron Safety Group and ask about onsite medical support for your workplace.