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3 Main Reasons Why You Should Try Nursing Therapy

Nurses form the largest part of the United States' healthcare workforce. Currently, there are over 4 million nurses in the US. These nurses play a significant role in inpatient care. Apart from administering medications, they are responsible for the holistic care of a patient. More importantly, they provide skilled nursing therapy.

What is Skilled Nursing Therapy?

Once a patient has been discharged from a hospital but still needs more time to recover from a surgery, illness, or injury, they are admitted to a skilled nursing facility. However, other people prefer in-home care. While keeping your ailing relative at home is a good idea, the home environment can't match the benefits of skilled nursing care.

So, what is skilled nursing therapy? It is care provided to patients by licensed nurses. This type of care is provided in nursing homes, life plan communities, and assisted living communities. You can try nursing therapy if your loved one has had surgery, a stroke, or extensive treatment for respiratory, kidney, and heart conditions.

Why Should You Try Nursing Therapy?

If one of your relatives is recovering from a terminal condition or injury, they require rehabilitation at a skilled nursing community. The benefits of professional nursing care include:

1. Reduced Risk of Rehospitalization

Once your loved one has been discharged from the hospital, rehospitalization should be avoided at all costs. Skilled nursing reduces the risk of rehospitalization mainly through ongoing medical monitoring. Skilled nurses offer a wide variety of services, such as wound care, physical therapy, monitoring of vital signs, and changing catheters to ensure that the patient is not readmitted to the hospital.

2. Specialized Therapy

Skilled nursing therapy also provides rehabilitative care, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Physical therapy is given to the elderly or patients recovering from an injury. It focuses on strength training to prevent falls and improve mobility. On the other hand, occupation therapy helps patients regain and maintain some level of independence. Finally, speech therapy focuses on treating common speech disorders and communication problems caused by stroke and brain injury.

3. Social Engagement

Sudden changes in health are emotionally overwhelming for most patients. It is even worse if the patient stays at home alone. However, nursing therapy ensures that the patient is socially engaged throughout. The patient is always surrounded by caring nurses and other residents. More importantly, residents can participate in uplifting and engaging social activities that enhance their physical and emotional well-being.


If you have a family member who is battling a terminal illness or recovering from an accident, you should take them to a professional nursing community. Skilled nursing therapy provides not only specialized treatments but also social engagement, around-the-clock care, and dietary assistance.