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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Popular Essential Procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation, a form of sexual rejuvenation treatment for women, is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. This term refers to several procedures that treat vaginal issues like increased dryness, inability to orgasm, and reduced sexual satisfaction. Therefore, if you have similar problems, seeking a specialist in vaginal surgery is a splendid idea. Some of the common vaginal rejuvenation procedures you are likely to encounter, and their benefits, are discussed below.

Popular Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

The most common vaginal rejuvenation procedures include:

1.       Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a medical procedure that alters the skin folds surrounding the human vulva, known as labia majora and labia minora. Generally, surgeons recommend it for patients that feel like reducing the size or improving the shape of the labia. The procedure involves trimming excess labial tissue, thereby making the vagina tighter. Consider undergoing labiaplasty if your labia has been enlarged by genetics, aging, sexual activity, and childbirth. That is crucial because longer labia become irritated easily and lead to discomfort during physical activities like cycling and horse-riding. Note that this rejuvenation procedure is ideal for females aged 18 and above because the labia develop into early adulthood, from puberty.

2.       Clitoral hood reduction

Clitoral hood reduction goes by several other names, including clitoral unhooding, hoodectomy, and clitoridectomy. This procedure facilitates the exposure of the clitoral glans by reducing the clitoral hood's size and area. It is a vital sexual rejuvenation procedure for most women, especially those born with excess skin covering the clitoris. This is a significant problem, which may diminish sexual pleasure and reduce sensitivity, eventually undermining the ability to enjoy intercourse. Therefore, if the excess skin above your clitoris interferes with your sexual life, letting a surgeon trim it is highly likely to remedy that by increasing clitoral sensitivity. Besides, having excess tissue overhanging your clitoris increases the risk of acquiring yeast infections. So, opting for a clitoral hood reduction puts you on the safe side.

3.       Vaginoplasty

Experts repair or reconstruct vaginas through a procedure known as vaginoplasty. It is tailored primarily for patients with vaginal injuries. These injuries often arise from childbirth or when women tear the tissues in the vagina during sexual intercourse. In addition, a qualified surgeon can use vaginoplasty to give you a transgender vagina, thereby helping you achieve the transgender identity of your choice. Finally, if you have a congenital abnormality, i.e., a condition you were born with that affects your vagina's development, a surgeon offering vaginoplasty services is likely to help you fix it. The same applies to women who've undergone vaginal excision or radiation to treat cancer and need reconstruction.  

Fore more information on sexual rejuvenation, consult with a medical professional.